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Michael was born on January 10, 1983 in Prague. From 1988 he began to actively study the violin. He attended the Elementary Art School, where he took part in a nationwide violin competition, where he won 3rd place.

He also performed several times in Austria.


In 1998 he was admitted to the Prague Conservatory with a classical violin playing,

where he was added to playing the clarinet, piano and flute in addition to the violin.


Five years later he took part in the Yamaha 2003 International Competition, where he took first place in the violin class and successfully graduated in the same year. He continued his studies at the College of Music and devoted his diploma work to the violinist

Vanesse Mae.

In 2001 he became acquainted with a genre other than classical and began to devote himself to popular music.


The first impulse for him is a common duet with the Turkish singer Asli. This is followed by collaboration with Richard Pachman on his albums, followed by a joint Christmas tour of 2003 and multimedia concerts at the Lávka Club and at the Krizik Fountain. In 2004 and 2005 he had a joint tour of Bulgaria with Petra Janů, Martin Maxa, Lada Kerndl, Tereza Kerndlová and Jarek Šimek.


Two years later, he guested on Hynek Tomme's CD "It's Me", where they created several duets. Michael also performed with Michael Burian, Viktor Dyk, American rockophone singer Eyedelism, Zuzana Nova and Vladimir Hron. Michael is among the icons of Czech fashion. In 2007 he won the Oscar Melnice Fashion. At the end of 2007 he released his debut album called "Hejčkání".


In 2008 he played twice for 18,000 spectators at Prague's O2 Arena at the SensationWhite party and Paul van Dyk's concert, making him the first ever violinist in the world to perform at such events.

At the beginning of 2009 in cooperation with the leading Czech DJ Michael Burian released a remixed song Vltava, which later became a hit no. 1 not only in Czech, but also foreign clubs and radios.


In June of the same year he had the honor of performing on the boards of the National Theater in Prague. In 2010, the tour was the most successful dance party in the Czech Republic "MeccaMix Tour 2010". In the same year he started to cooperate actively with UNICEF charity.

In May 2011 he took part in the St. Petersburg International Festival "Baltic Frigate", where he won the Grand Prix Gran and became a Laureate of the Russian Federation.


In 2012, Michael began to devote himself to slightly different fields, both acting and moderating. Since May, he has been the moderator of his show on All TV, where he interviewed people from both showbussines and political affairs. In 2013, he started to work more closely with singers and DJs and scored two hits.


In cooperation with Dj Laydee Jane hit "Omaha" and singer Samer Issa hit "Dreamer". He also became a permanent exclusive guest of the most famous club Maxim. Currently, Michael is intensely preparing a new dance album, shooting his lifestyle show for AllTelevision, and starting to sing, which he previously studied ..

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